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Bay Islands Guide.
Making island life easier.

Bay Islands Guide is a locally developed app, with the aim of making life easier for residents and visitors of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

Available on the App Store and Play Store. Grab your copy today!

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Ferry Planner

Using paper timetables is such a hassle. With all the changes in life, they are quickly outdated, damaged, or lost. These days, everyone has a smartphone so why not use it to have easy to access to an 'always up-to-date' timetable in your pocket? Not only that, you can set a reminder for your ferry, quickly see where your ferry will stop, and even how much it will cost!

Try that with a paper timetable.

  • Simple Interface
  • Always up-to-date
  • Set a ferry reminder
  • Show journey pricing
  • See the stops on your trip
  • Know your arrival time

Business Directory

Ever needed to know how to contact a business on the islands? Perhaps you need a plumber quickly, or want to know if the local hardware shop has any left-handed screwdrivers. Or perhaps you just need to know the opening times of your favourite island cafe. Our business directory has you covered.

If you are operating a business on the islands, you can add your business yourself within a few minutes. We also monitor local businesses, and remove old and outdated listings.

  • Simple Interface
  • Up-to-date
  • Add your own business
  • FREE to list a business
  • PAID Featured listings
  • Call, share, get directions.

Go-Card Balances

Keeping track of your Go-Card balance can be difficult sometimes, especially if you have a large family. Wouldn't it be great if there was a quick and easy way to monitor the balance of your card(s)? Well, there is! Bay Islands Guide allows you to monitor multiple Go-Card balances quickly and easily.

Register your Go-Card with TransLink, and simply enter your card details into Bay Islands Guide. That's it!

  • Supports multiple cards
  • Quickly show balances
  • Assign a name to each card
  • Automatically updated

Push Notifications*

Do you want to know what is happening on the islands, without having to go and search for information? Our push notification service can keep you up to date on various things around the islands. From new businesses and local events, to weekly specials and emergency notifications, you'll always know what is happening on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

The best part is, our system is so flexible that you can sign up for only the notification types you want to know about. Not interested in a certain type of notification? Simply turn it off in the app settings.

  • Business notifications
  • Local Event notifications
  • Latest island news
  • Weekly specials at local stores
  • Real estate listings
  • Emergency notifications

Location Reminders*

Have you ever gone to the mainland, only to forget where you last parked your car? Or what if your partner was the last to use it, and you dont know where the car is? Sometimes it can be difficult to explain where the car is.
No worries, we've got you covered. With location reminders, you can save the location of your car, using your phones GPS. Next time you return back to the mainland, we'll give you directions back to your car. If your partner was the last to use the car, you can simply ask them to share the cars location details with you. How easy is that?

  • Never lose your car
  • Share saved locations
  • Supports multiple locations
  • Several location types

Internet Radio*

Did you know the Bay Islands have their own internet radio station? Streaming music 24/7, with music to suit nearly every taste?
Now, what if I told you that you already have access to this station on your phone right now? That's right, Bay Islands Radio is built directly into Bay Islands Guide!

Tune in now, or head over to Bay Islands Radio website for more information on the great playlists and shows.

  • Designed by a Bay Islander.
  • Run by a Bay Islander.
  • Supporting local businesses.
  • Music to suit most tastes.

App Screenshots

Still not convinced that Bay Islands Guide is for you? Check out some screenshots of the app in action.

Splash Screen
Main Menu
Notification Settings
Business Listing
Save a Location
Internet Radio

User Reviews

What a well spent $2! I don't remember so good these days but I do remember to tell everyone about BIG. Congratulations on your hard work. It is an extremely useful app I'm sure everyone appreciates. Onward and upward. Well done. PS. Love the waves on the loading page..

Sandra McLaren - Island Resident

Fantastic Much better than carrying around a photo of the ferry timetable and better than trying to make sense of the paper timetable. Real time ferry times. Best couple of dollars i ever spent..

Simon Hodgson - Regular Ferry Traveller

We first downloaded translink which was confusing to say the least. Then we found this one after meeting the developer and wow we love it. It is so simple and accurate what more could you want? We would pay $5 for this app but it is worth more. Well done mate fantastic app!!!

Luigi Dapas - BIG Fan

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Privacy Policy

We understand that privacy is of great concern. While 'Bay Islands Guide' does collect some data, we do so to provide the best user experience, and to allow certain features of the app to function as intended.
Here is what we collect:

Ferry Planner

  • Start location
  • End Location
  • Time/Date of travel

Go-Card Balance

  • Go-Card number is stored on your phone/tablet
  • Go-Card password is stored on your phone/tablet using industry leading encryption

Location Reminders**

  • Your location is used to generate a map of your saved location, using a 3rd party service (Mapbox)


  • Your last known latitude and longitude, used for location-based notifications in case of emergencies or other notification types
  • Your primary email address used on your phone - to be used in the future for linking devices to users for advanced features

** This data is only collected if the associated permissions have been granted by the user.